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The Big Bang. God created the universe. Are both these theories bull s##t.?

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  • God created the Heavens and Earth. No theory. Truth.
    Megumi · 0 1
  • Before being called a theory, the "Big bang" was only an observed fact: Galaxies and everything in the Universe seemed to have originated in a singularity point somewhere 13.7 billion years ago.

    The expression "Big bang" was coined out of derision to describe this phenomenon, although there were no explanations yet.

    Since then, and thanks to a better knowledge in astrophysics and physics of particles, the mathematical models, the chronology of the earliest parts of second etc. became more and more precise.

    It's not my domain of knowledge, so I cannot confirm if the Big bang description and explanation have reached the level of "theory", but it's how it's often referred to (maybe thanks to the TV show!).

    "God created the universe" is just another ancient Creation myth.
    And it's far far away to be called a "theory"

    Only some hardcore religious can see a parallel between the Big bang and Genesis so they like to oppose them
    By the way, the same can see a parallel between biological evolution and Genesis and also oppose them.
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  • The 'Big Bang' is a theory although very inappropriately named. It is supported by evidence.

    Creation stories are not theories; they are myths. There is no evidence to support any of them.
    MARK · 3 1
  • Big Bang is atheist proof for a christian proposal ,
    bamdad · 3 1