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Where to go when you can't take care of yourself anymore due to a mental illness?

It's sad to say that I'm only 22 and unable to function like most of society. Not to mention that I'm on disability for mental illness. I have no job, no further education, and no friends. I struggle everyday to do things like showering, eating, cooking, etc. I find myself in bed or on the couch all day everyday, and when I do try to get things done I feel exhausted. I have issues with going outside and being around people, only leaving the house to go to appointments then I come right back home. I have been hospitalized recently for a suicide attempt but they discharged me thinking that I'm better now. Well I'm not even close. I don't know where to go or what to do at this point, I tried to make a routine so that I could force myself to do things but that didn't work either. I really want a job and friends again but I can't even talk to people anymore without shaking and panicking. I did benefit from the hospital but they tend to not take people with borderline personality disorder because apparently it's bad for us. I still feel very suicidal and I don't know where to go. I've thought about going to more group meetings but because of my hatred towards myself and the way I look I can't be in a room of people without feeling sick to my stomach. I need help but I only see a therapist once a week and group therapy once a week, and nothing has helped me so far. I am on medications too and I haven't noticed a difference yet. Please help me, any advice would be useful.
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  • To Jesus Christ. He offers rest to the weary.
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  • Try a new therapist. Yours is failing at their job.
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  • At your local mental health facility, there should be case workers who are there to help guide you through finding out this question for the area you live in.
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  • My father had similar problems. He was very depressed because he voted for Barack Obama and then watched as the country was consumed with hatred and stagnation. Shortly after that, he renounced liberalism and became a true patriot. His outlook on life improved dramatically and he is now very happy. Good luck with your journey, my friend.
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