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What do I do if there's ants in my dorm room?

Hi. I just saw some ants in my dorm room. I saw one at my desk. And the others I saw by the furnace. I don't know what to do. We don't leave open food out. Most food is sealed or in the fridge. We clean up and all. But they are still here. I haven't told my roommate. But will when she wakes up. Cause it happened yesterday and today. I can't go back to sleep and they are bothering me. I have OCD and ants just bug me out. Help please.
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  • Call an exterminator
    Roman · 0 0
  • Do you also worry about ants this much if you are outside sitting on the lawn?
    they won't do anything except snoop around for crumbs.Relax.
    they might be coming from less neat dorm rooms near you. Tomorrow get some ground cloves and sprinkle around the doors and windows. ants don't like it and won't come in. the ants you already have can be squished with a finger tip...no big deal.
    ckngbbbls · 0 0
  • I had a similar problem, a good and cheap and definitely help to get rid of them is simple baking powder. Ants have the habit of making roads, try to figure out where they are coming from and sprinkle baking powder over them, the ants are disappearing as they came.
    Rain · 0 1
  • ants swarm once or twice a year and get into everywhere. just set out some ant baits
    Spock (rhp) · 0 1
  • Good grief. Chill a little bit. Hate to break it to you, especially when you are old enough to know better, but ants and other animals are EVERYWHERE.
    MH · 4 0

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