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My parents won’t let my dog on the couch:(?

My parents won’t let my dog on the couch... any ideas on how to convince them? She is 9 years old right now, and they always let her on the couch, but then when she was like 5, they stopped. I told them I would wash her weekly, and I even offered to buy a cover for our couch, so she wouldn’t be on the actual couch. They still say no. I know it’s unlikely that they will ever let her up on the couch, but any suggestions?
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  • Ask your parents why they stopped allowing your dog up on the couch. I would add it is confusing for the dog.
    Liz · 0 0
  • Just let him on the couch when they ain't around
    HapPyTokEess · 1 1
  • Seriously? Its their couch. YOU have no say in it. They don't want he dog on the couch.
    Ocimom · 0 0
  • If it bothers you why not move to your own rent and let the dog ruin your furniture? If you are living with parents they make the rules.
    Rinkydink · 0 0
  • No dog should be bathed any more often than once every 4 to 6 weeks. Bathing too often will dry up the skin & coat, leaving the skin flaky & itchy. You are washing away all the natural body oils that need to spread all over the body for health skin & coat.

    My dogs are not allowed on furniture, they got nice beds to lay on & rugs. I used to have a Dane that thought he needed to be on furniture. I stopped that but he still would back up & sit on your lap. Then turn around & look at you as if asking , what are you going to do now?
    bluebonnetgranny · 2 1

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