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How is world war 1 related to world war 2?

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  • both started by Germany for No reason
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  • The Kaiser lived in exile in Holland but everyone who was anyone still visited. HALF of the male members of the House of Hohenzollern were members of the Nazi Party. But the royalty wasn't running the show in World War Two. The Fuehrer really squeezed out of rabid anti-Semitic Jesuit taught Catholicism and into a different cult involving the Vril Society using adapted Thibetan Black Magick to summon Bel Marduk and his extraterrestrial aliens from Aldabaran, the Thule Society, and the Black Sun. The Schuzstaffel SS was deeply occult. Pretending that the Third Reich was just a hiccup they'll never teach you how to understand it. The First World War was just the end of the Christian Civilisation which preceded it; however, the Second World War was the rise of Satan.
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  • World War I led to World War II. It was a bloody conflict and it did not resolve much. And it gave rise to Adolf Hitler.
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  • Many of the things that caused hilter to come to power were directly related to the treaty of Versailles.
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  • it came first
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