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If I get a nose ring will it hurt?

  • Best Answer
    someone will be putting a hole in your nose where there is not supposed to be one
    so they will use a needle maybe a gun type hole maker
    it will hurt, just like it would hurt to put a hole anywhere on your body
    shroud · 0 0
  • Other Answer
  • Had mine done with a niddle. Not supposed to do it with a gun apparently. And it depends on the person. I didn't feel i thing
    Kirsty · 0 0
  • Yes. You're sticking a sharp piece of metal through a very tender part of your body. So be prepared.
    audrey · 0 0
  • it just feels like a shot, a little worse for some ppl.
    skinnynipplecatcher · 0 0
  • I think it is safe to assume that it hurts less than childbirth.
    Laura · 0 1
  • if it doesn't get infected, no
    Murzy · 0 0
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