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In your opinion, did America get better or worse with Trump in charge?

Idc if you hate Trump. Try to answer this without bias. What did he do well? What still needs improving?
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    - What Trump did well -
    Promised to replace Obamacare with something better & cheaper
    Promised a trillion dollars worth of infrastructure spending
    Promised to reduce deficit and eventually balance the budget
    Promised to reduce prices of prescription drugs

    - What Trump did wrong -
    Failed to offer ANY Obamacare replacement
    Failed to offer ANY dollars worth of infrastructure spending
    Failed to reduce deficit; actually he's increasing it to $1 trillion/year!
    Failed to reduce prescription drug prices - they continue to rise!

    In short, Trump failed to keep ANY of his biggest promises, and he proved himself to be a liar, a child, and a divider. We are worse off because of him.

    *** update ***
    I agree that the economy is fine, but when you look at the data, it's not even a continuation of the fine work Obama did in bringing us out of the Bush recession. Trump's tariffs are a drag on the economy, and his deficits are unsustainable. Obama reduced unemployment from 11.5% down to 4.5%; Trump reduced it another 0.5%. Nice, but not a big deal.
    Elwood Blues · 0 0
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  • Certainly no worse, that's for sure.
    Mr.Longrove · 2 0
  • Trump's biggest achievement is attacking the foundations of our democracy...the fact that we are all equal citizens, the truth, the justice department, the judiciary, the fact that Congress has the law making power, the fact that corruption should be unacceptable, the racism, the idiocy like since its cold right now there is no climate problem, etc... Everything Trump does has been emulated by the people who surrounded him, and not only that its spreading throughout the country... If you are an enemy of the USA like Russia, you could not want a better person leading the USA than Donald Trump, because Trump is dismantling American prestige and influence and that the USA stands for good....
    jesswzmn · 1 0
  • Much better. All the deficits were caused by our previous president.
    Const. King · 2 5
  • Worse.
    Mashed Potatoes · 2 6
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