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Did Adolf Hitler approve of killing babies???

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  • Like all the other answers here, YES!
    Tyler · 2 0
  • If they were jewish or Slavs or gypsies, or handicapped, or anything else he didn't approve of.
    Louise C · 3 0
  • Yes he did. He was horrible just like doctors who kill babies today or others who support it.
    PAMELA · 6 2
  • It wasn't that he specifically approved of killing babies per se, but he approved the killing of 'sub-standard' babies (see Tina's answer) and also the babies of the adults whom he decreed were to be exterminated, particularly though not exclusively Jews.
    Many babies were shot or gassed along with their mothers; some were tossed into the air and shot for target practice; some were picked up by the ankles and their heads swung against brick walls; occasionally some were thrown alive into fires.
    It was a matter of deliberate policy that no Jewish babies were to be allowed to survive; the Jews were to be exterminated totally.

    EDIT: As everything I wrote is fully documented, I can only suppose the ten thumbs-down I've got so far are from neo-Nazi morons.
    bluebellbkk · 3 8