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How often to feed a ten month old kitten?

My kitten is about ten months old. I'm going out of town for 4 days or so. Would it be alright to have a cat sitter come in once a day for a feeding?
  • Answers
  • Best to have the cat sitter come in twice a day. Your kitten is almost an adult and should have canned food twice a day now.
    Ocimom · 0 0
  • It's a cat, not a dog. Cats nibble several times a day. You should have food down for it ALL day long, and a bowl of fresh water. Have the person check on the cat once a day, and make sure its water bowl is cleaned & freshened and more fresh food put down. You should also give it an extra cat litter box. A minimum of two boxes for four days away.
    babyboomer1001 · 0 1
  • Can you leave kibble out all the time? Then having a responsible person come in once a day to add wet food and make sure the cat is okay should be fine.
    TK · 0 0
  • No, at least twice, they need a morning and evening meal.
    PAMELA · 0 0
  • You should make sure kittens have plenty of care. Maybe leave it with a relative.
    Jim · 0 0
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