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How to write a fantasy story about pirates? I need tips......?

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  • Why pirates? what type of story are you trying to tell? Does it need to be pirates to tell the story?

    First figure these things out. Then start writing. If the high seas is the best place for the plot to unfurl, then let it be. If it could be done in an office building (or other non-pirate setting), then the pirates don't matter.
    Athena · 0 0
  • watch the old long john silver series from the 1950's starring Robert newton, and get ideas from it.
    the black gate opens 1043A.D · 0 0
  • First of all, you chose a very interesting topic as it revolves around an image that is drown in our minds since we were kids. We were taught that Pirates are people without hearts, who don't have the right to life, love, or even have a proper way to die. I'll give you some tips to start your fantasy story:
    1- Start showing pirates as people with hearts, who may have ones among them with kind hearts and truly passionate dreams. You can work on the idea of love between a pirate and a girl whom he has to choose between and his cruel life, show his inner struggle, show how miserable his life was before finding his soulmate. Choose your antagonist & protagonist carefully because your story will totally depend on how well you draw their roles.
    Wish you all the best.
    Trip · 1 0
  • Be logical. First draw your characters describing realistically men you KNOW weren't clean or even decent people. Don't glamourise them or write a silly piece based on the cute bumbling Pirates of the Carribean;but rather, face your own imagination. Face their filth, the violent drunken homosexuality amongst those violent filthy murderers and, speaking of which, don't dress it up or clean up the violence and murder. Write purely from your imagination and don't hold back and you're an unstoppable Force. NEVER compromise your vision or knuckle under about telling your entire vision or you immediately lose that edge. Start rewriting it to please editors, critics and teachers and you kill your integrity. YOU should be your harshest critic and constantly hone your writing, forcing yourself to describe what's in your imagination and writing it ever more clearly on your own terms.
    Christoph · 6 0
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