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Is the UK a white nation?

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  • does it matter? people are people; good and bad come in all shades of skin-tone.
    franl155 · 1 3
  • Possibly 90 years ago, the generality of people in Britain would have thought of their nation as a white nation, and of darker-skinned people as exotic outsiders from British colonies and dominions etc. That was also the case for me growing up in a small seaside resort on the south coast of England in the 1950s - I did not know of the coloured communities appearing in many large cities.

    Nowadays we have to take note that many people of darker or black skins have entered the country in the last 70 years and have formed vibrant communities her. Many people of all skin colours from "white" to "black" have married and produced children, so the sight of "intermediate" skin colours is fairly common in many parts of the country.
    John P · 1 2
  • mainly yes, not totally.
    Jerry S · 2 0
  • No, it is majority anglop-saxon.
    YB Logical · 4 1

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