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Why are insect populations collapsing?

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    Coming from a rural environment I'm pretty sure it is something to do with agriculture. I don't know if it is pesticides, fertiliser, both or what. But basically, soil might as well be bolting paper - it is just there to hold the seeds and chemicals in place. Climate change might have an effect globally but locally the weather has probably improved for insects where I am but the insect population has plummeted, and with them, the small birds.
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  • In some cases, like bees for example it's theorized it's pesticides, parasites and infections
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  • Nobody knows exactly, but we'd better do something against the possible causes because if there's no pollination, we ALL will starve in a couple of years.

    Pesticides are obvious suspects
    Zirp · 2 2
  • A combination of causes: Global warming, high amounts of pesticides and other chemical compounds in the groundwater and plant environment, air pollution, habitat destruction, etc.
    choko_canyon · 1 0
  • Climate change.
    Bone Alone · 1 3
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