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Can an aussie doodle puppy be to small?

I want to purchase an aussie doodle puppy (8 weeks) and I was supposed to pick it up 3 days ago and the breeder said it was not ready as it was too small, could not eat solid food, and had separation anxiety from his mother. When will he be ready for pickup as a healthy puppy?
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  • It's so small, it doesn't even exist. It's a mutt.
    Jojo · 1 0
  • Leaving aside, just, the fact that when you buy into mix-breeding you are encouraging BYBs to produce more and more puppies like this - messing around with perfectly good and long established breeds, it's good that this breeder has recognised that this puppy isn't ready for the outside world yet. And believe me, that's UNUSUAL! Doesn't make messing around with breeds right tho. The minimum age for selling/homing a puppy is 8 weeks, for good reason. Litters are normally weaned onto solids by 6 weeks, BUT the extra weeks, however long it takes, are vital for a breed to make sure each puppy is properly established in his diet, and for interaction within the litter. We kept our puppies to 10 weeks unless we knew the people buying, they were experienced, the litter was big and the puppies would benefit from a one-on-one situation AND were ready to go to their new homes.

    Frankly I can't imagine what a mix of this kind would be like - in fact nobody can as buying into mix-breeding is a LOTTERY. Save your money and buy from a reputable breeder, producing a puppy from parents of THE SAME BREED.
    Verulam · 1 1
  • Why pay money for a mutt when that's what 95% are in the shelters? The "breeder" is getting money for doing nothing. Ask for the CHIC number on each of the purebred parents (bet nothing was tested). Ask about puppy care and read the purchase contract carefully (bet there isn't one). Ask about the breeder's policy of accepting back that puppy, even ten years from now, if your life circumstances change (bet the breeder won't know your name once the check clears). If you want an Aussie, then find a conscientious breeder and get one. If you want a Poodle, then find a conscientious breeder and get one. But giving money for a mutt with no future support or guarantees is dumb.
    An eight week old puppy of a non-toy breed should be weaned. I don't know if this puppy has not been offered the correct weaning diet or if it has a physical problem. If you do go ahead with this purchase, then have your vet lined up and an open credit card, because you will likely have health problems ahead.
    TK · 2 0
  • Its from a back yard breeder.. It wont ever be healthy
    Nekkid Truth! · 0 0