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Can you complain about neighbor's dogs?

It's funny too, cause it's my grandparents dogs. But it's 9 at night and I need to get to sleep cause I have to wake up early, and their dogs are outside and I can hear them barking from inside my house. I'm getting so sick of it! This happens all the time and their dogs are so annoying!
  • Answers
  • Yes. If you live in a place with a "noise" curfew, you can report the barking dogs to the police. But I would have a talk with your grandparents before you report them.
    Ocimom · 0 0
  • Talk to your grandparents about it to see what's going on first.
    Alex · 1 0
  • Of course, depending on the local laws where you are. Have you talked to your grandparents about what's going on ..... actually 9 pm isn't considered 'antisocial hours'. It would be kinder to talk to them before involving any authorities - surely? Go round and take them in!!
    Verulam · 0 1
  • If they're noisy then yes
    Roman · 0 0
  • You can confront them in the morning and be like 'hey your dogs are barking really loudly at night while I'm trying to sleep'. If the barking continues, you could even file a noise complaint
    Eliza · 0 0