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What makes a person "Human"?

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    clones have no souls. demons live inside clones.

    clones are manufactured in israel and the netherlands.

    no wonder netherlands will be underwater soon (like japan); forgive me.
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  • The arbitrary category of human is merely a label for the group of life that we are. In that sense, the presence of certain genes, or DNA is what makes something human. But this extends to cancer cells, so we use the term PERSONHOOD to distinguish between ANY form of life that is a moral or sentient agent.
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  • Being a living breathing member of the subspecies H. sapiens sapiens.

    (Dead people are "was human" and the unborn are "ask me later.")
    JazSinc · 1 0
  • DNA
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  • A spirit that reflects a particular part of God's image. Included in this are traits like creativity, relationship, and good problem solving.
    Disciple of Truth · 4 0
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