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Should I resort to drinking? or marijuana?

For mid-life (26 y.o) crisis, depression, being lost in life?
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  • Therapy is your best option. Drinking and smoking is only a temporary way of relief that of course usually ends with it becoming some sort of issue. Talk to friends and family you trust about what's going on, and find healthier alternatives for your depressive state. <3
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  • Try fasting, it detoxes
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  • 26 y.o. is NOT mid- life, to begin with, until/ unless proven otherwise, I mean - unless we hereby lack enough data to thoroughly evaluate this.
    you sound to be- a young person in every way.
    amd the answer to the point/ question is emphatically:NO!
    Alcohol is well- known as a central nervous system depressor= can only make depression worse and further impair one's abiliy to work, cope with chores, daily activity, tackle and overcome life's hardships... beyond of its potentially harming the liver and heart....to keep it short- it can clearly be the fast lane to rock- bottom, of course for a depressed and/ or traumatized person... WATCH OUT!
    Marijuana is not really a better idea either ( leave alone street drugs :the slick lane to havoc...)
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  • Both those things are ways to extend being lost and make things worse. Does not sound like a good solution to me..
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