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Should I resort to drinking? or marijuana?

For mid-life (26 y.o) crisis, depression, being lost in life?
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    I've been (past tense) depressed to the point where it was debilitating and I have felt utterly lost and have felt that my life had no meaning etc.. so although I don't know your exact situation, I can say that I do know something of what you are feeling. I'm not this way anymore and I hope that something I say will help you.
    In a nutshell, I had a nightmare of a childhood, and was left with a lot of emotional pain. I was filled with hatred - I hated the people who had hurt me, I was angry at God, but most of all I hated myself for feeling pain (for being weak). When I was a teen, I then acted out all this pain in destructive ways, making my life a whole lot worse.. I got married, had kids, had a nice home etc.. and so on the outside, my life looked great! But on the inside, I carried all that pain, heartache, anguish, self-loathing, fear - and it was destroying me. The burden of it all was just pretty much overwhelming. I carried it all day, every day. I carried it into every situation I faced. I blamed myself for everything, couldn't trust anyone, really didn't believe anyone who said they loved me, I was critical, resentful, suspicious of everyone.. and finally my mind couldn't take anymore - I sunk into a debilitating depression - for 4 solid months .. one night, I suddenly could feel that something in my mind was about to snap (a nervous breakdown? I don't know), and I was terrified. I didn't know what was happening but I knew that within seconds, something terrible was about to happen and my life was about to get even worse.. I went to my room, I sat on the bed and I prayed like you cannot imagine - I prayed "God, I am so lost, I can't handle life anymore. I'm terrified and I think I'm dying. I need help NOW, and so I ask you to come into my life and take control of it all.." and to my utter amazement, I FELT all the pain of decades leave my body and be replaced by joy and peace. No one could have been more surprised than me! I sat there stunned. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that.. my depression (it's been years and years since then) has never returned. Here's my point - we are mind/body/spirit - but many people act like we are just mind and body, and ignore our spiritual side - we are made to know God, and I honestly believe that a LOT of depression is because we ignore God in our lives. I think God, who wants very much to be in our lives, starts to reveal to us just how empty life is without Him - so that we will seek Him.. I truly believe that this depression you are suffering, could be God's way of calling you.. In my life, since that time, I have found peace and joy, I feel LOVED, I feel whole. My life has meaning and purpose... that emptiness inside can't be filled with drugs - it won't work.. There is a God. He's not hiding. He's WAITING for you to invite him into your life, and with God, life takes on a whole new meaning! There is a spiritual realm all around us - a whole new world for us to discover.. God is the answer to every problem and every mystery. I hope you will give him a chance to show him what he can do in your life..
    Here's God's PROMISE to you (Rev. 3:20) Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I WILL come in"
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  • Therapy is your best option. Drinking and smoking is only a temporary way of relief that of course usually ends with it becoming some sort of issue. Talk to friends and family you trust about what's going on, and find healthier alternatives for your depressive state. <3
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  • Try fasting, it detoxes
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  • 26 y.o. is NOT mid- life, to begin with, until/ unless proven otherwise, I mean - unless we hereby lack enough data to thoroughly evaluate this.
    you sound to be- a young person in every way.
    amd the answer to the point/ question is emphatically:NO!
    Alcohol is well- known as a central nervous system depressor= can only make depression worse and further impair one's abiliy to work, cope with chores, daily activity, tackle and overcome life's hardships... beyond of its potentially harming the liver and heart....to keep it short- it can clearly be the fast lane to rock- bottom, of course for a depressed and/ or traumatized person... WATCH OUT!
    Marijuana is not really a better idea either ( leave alone street drugs :the slick lane to havoc...)
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  • Both those things are ways to extend being lost and make things worse. Does not sound like a good solution to me..
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