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What is wrong with our water heater?

In 1988 we bought a water heater it was called 'state'.

In 1997, a flood came and we had to have it cleaned out and a new burner put inside of it.

Now we are getting about 15 minutes of hot water. We have to wait for us to get hot water Any more and it only produces us less than 15 minutes of hot water before the water turns cool again.

What should we do?
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  • It sounds like one of the electric coils OR its associated thermostats is kaput. Since it has lasted this long, maybe it is worth fixing, install a new anode etc. The new ones don't last anything like that long. On the other hand it could be rusty inside.
    One thing you can do cheap (free) is drain and flush the unit, employing a garden hose to the outside. This will always improve performance.
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  • I don't understand
    Shad · 1 0
  • I don't know the specific problem with your water heater, but a 30 year old water heater is WELL PAST its expected lifespan.
    STEVEN F · 1 0
  • Sounds like a broken or cracked dip tube which is allowing cold water to enter near the top of the heater rather than at the bottom as it should. Then you only get several minutes of hot water until the cold water enters and mixes with the hot water in the heater at the top. That is a common issue especially on some older models with plastic/defective dip tubes. You can replace the dip tube fairly cheaply or given the age of the unit, it might be wiser to spend money on a new water heater. At 20-30 years old, it's well beyond a typical lifespan.

    Dip tube issues....
    paul h · 1 0

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