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Why are women such cowards?

Strong and independent ones don’t exist. I’ve been friends with, dated with, beefed with and observed loads of women and can safely say they’re such cowards and strong independent ones don’t exist

You ain’t even tough physically majority of you think it’s acceptable to hit a man for verbally provoking you BUT will only EVER hit a man when you’re alone with him if you can confirm he’s the type who won’t hit you back OR only when you’re in public so you got people to rush n defend you because you know if you get hit back you’re gonna be seeing stars and crying

If ever you’re arguing with a guy you can never ever keep it between you and him like an adult you always gotta get others involved in the convo (if online showing friends screenshots) or making it a public display (if online posting it on your story)

When you get your sexual advances rejected you either get offended and hastily block the guy or desperately pretend you were never interested. “I was just testing you haha” “I wouldn’t want you anyway ugly asf” “my friend took my phone”

Grow up all of you
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