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Why are women such cowards?

Strong and independent ones don’t exist. I’ve been friends with, dated with, beefed with and observed loads of women and can safely say they’re such cowards and strong independent ones don’t exist

You ain’t even tough physically majority of you think it’s acceptable to hit a man for verbally provoking you BUT will only EVER hit a man when you’re alone with him if you can confirm he’s the type who won’t hit you back OR only when you’re in public so you got people to rush n defend you because you know if you get hit back you’re gonna be seeing stars and crying

If ever you’re arguing with a guy you can never ever keep it between you and him like an adult you always gotta get others involved in the convo (if online showing friends screenshots) or making it a public display (if online posting it on your story)

When you get your sexual advances rejected you either get offended and hastily block the guy or desperately pretend you were never interested. “I was just testing you haha” “I wouldn’t want you anyway ugly asf” “my friend took my phone”

Grow up all of you
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  • There not, but fear is an important part of every persons life, it has a strong potential of keeping us away from places that may present a danger, and keep us from doing things we may regret later, this emotion happens to everyone in there lifetime, if you can never experience fear you can't be human. I have witnessed situations where both women and men are equally fearful, enough even to run away or cringe in the light of darkness.
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  • There is a *HINT* of truth to what you say, but most of it is sweeping generalizations that are very easy to find exception to.

    The hint of truth, that women are less likely to take risks than men are, is demonstrably true. It is an expression of the evolutionary fact that wombs are more valuable to the continuation of the species than sperm is. The species is more likely to make successive generations if men do the dangerous things (after all, every fertile man can impregnate thousands of women, so you need only a few to survive), while women actively avoid doing dangerous things.

    As far as it goes, that strengthens your argument.

    However, our brains have the ability to override our evolutionary instincts. We've had women in space, and there are men who run shrieking from spiders.

    Much of our culture comes from our biology, so even if you have a woman who might be more willing to take on risks, society tells her to not. Even if you have a guy who is naturally risk averse, you have a society telling him to "be a man" and accept high risk.

    The general tone of the question is clearly a rant against women. I get that.

    However, the natural predeliction to avoid risk would make women more likely to use covert methods for getting what they want done. The straight forward method, especially when it involves exposure to physical danger, is far less appealing to the risk averse.
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  • A lot of things in your comment are right but it seems like you're just angry cause you can't get laid. Women never keep an argument private because they know society in general will take her side and fight her battles for her.
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  • You're really trying to make a case that hitting someone stronger than you makes you a coward? As opposed to what... Hitting someone weaker? Because that's what (some) men do.

    I'm not buying that the majority of your female friends and exes hit men. Or that they share all their arguments with the world. There are violent and manipulative cowards on this planet, yes. But they don't all belong to one gender.
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  • because they are just btches and hoes
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