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How can (asocial) men be attracted to women?

The expectations placed on guys, who, unlike most men have little use for sex don't have a drive to be a "real man"(whatever that is) don't have an ego to prove themselves masculine , and are don't buy into the "men are hunters" bullsh*t., Men/women (and family) make the life of men who refuse to be slaves to traditional expectations,exploitation and responsabilities placed upon nonconseting men, given the majority of people are fit in society and feel comfortable in it, everyone else has to either adapt or leave, but though people judgement of those "social outcast" can't be stopped, what's worse all women expectations remain, so unless the world is filled to the brim with well-adjusted to society men, then why I barely see men who are not interested in sex saying how the majority of women are uppity, arrogant, shitty scúm.
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  • you probably cant if youre like that
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