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Is it wrong that I'm proud to be white?

If blacks can say "black power", why can't we say "white power"?
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  • Be proud of heritage, not race. race is just pigmentation and minor physical differences. your heritage is what matters - i'm proud to be of British descent- not of just being white!
    adrian · 0 0
  • No, as long as you re not those who hate anything other than white, a.k.a racist, then be proud of it.
    Octavio · 11 4
  • Unfortunately
    floor · 18 13
  • Not wrong...shallow and irrelevant maybe, to think that being born with a particular skin color should in and of itself be a source of pride and elicit our unqualified admiration...give us something else. Do you help elderly people cross the street? Are you good at crossword puzzles? Can you do that thing where you say words while you’re burping?
    NPG Starlett · 17 10