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What do you think of #BelieveWomen?

Should women automatically be believed and men disbelieved or should we presume innocence until such time guilt is proven?
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  • I believe that #BelieveWomen should exist because even after they prove that men hurt them and raped them, they shouldn't be dismissed by a "jury of peers".
    I ♥ Earthworms · 10 3
  • Never heard of it. But it sounds quite unfair to men.
    jakemcclake · 7 3
  • No, women lie a lot, coming from a women herself too. Men don’t deserve the sh*t they get when so many girls lie about rape and ruin these guys lives and aren’t punished for it, those guys live with that and their lives are ruined. You’re not guilty until you’re proven guilty, it should stay that way.
    Nick · 15 0
  • Basically these women don't want to carry the burden of proof when accusing men of rape or harassment. It would effectively give women the power to ruin a man's life and take his freedom by simply opening her mouth. Men would need to have an alibi for every waking moment of their lives and avoid women at all cost if they intend to stay out of prison.

    Personally I would seek blood revenge outside the law if a woman accused me of sexual harassment.
    Donnie Doom · 7 0