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Can my city refuse to pay this claim?

My city’s trash truck accidently backed into the garage on one of my rental properties. There was a LOT of damage to the garage. I filed a claim with the city and they refused to pay it because they said the garage was not permitted. Can they do that? If I file a claim with my house insurance they will probably raise my rates. Any ideas how I can get the city to pay for the damage to my garage?
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  • It's quite possible that they can refuse to pay, under local "governmental immunity" laws. In many locations, the most they're on the hook for, is your deductible. It shouldn't matter if your garage was illegal or not. What matters are the local governmental immunity laws.
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  • Yes...as others have said, IS it permitted. If it's not permitted, then it's not permitted. That's why they call it a "permit." They apparently were going to call them alouds, but that was getting confused with out loud.
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  • Not permitted might mean they make you tear it down. I had a thing at the library fall down & hit my car & damaged my antenna about 30 years ago. They were able to pull it up on video, and then I had to get 3 estimates and they sent me a check.
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