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How hard is it to get a body like Britney Spears?

at he moment I am overweight so I want to reach a normal weight first then I want to get toned. like how long would a person have to work out??
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  • Idk ask her
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  • Take the word diet out of your vocabulary, Cut NOTHING out of your food groups that is the best way to stop "dieting" and start eating again because you are denying yourself everything you might love. Here is how that works, you go on a "diet" cut out every carb, every sweet, every piece of pizza woo-hoo you lost 10-20-30 lbs but now you have reached your goal and go off the "diet" and low and behold now you can go back and eat all those food, right? Wrong the second you declare your "diet" over you sprint back to all those food you have been denying yourself and right back on goes the weight.

    Success is eating smaller portions and get out and pound the pavement everyday come rain or shine. It is just that simple cut back and walk. I walk 6 miles every single day and not because of a weight issue but because I LOVE IT.
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  • Her CURRENT body?! I wouldn't want to see that.

    But, if it was her body from 20 years ago, then, that takes time.
    thegreatone · 1 3
  • You have to become a smoker like she did
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