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How do I talk to people with Alzheimer’s?

I suck at talking to people and I just realized the dilemma this would cause when I was told to sit and chat at breakfast with the Alzheimer’s patients to provide some company to them at the little assisted living center I’m volunteering at for the rest of the month. I’m awkward in general, and everyone at he table was already done eating. I think that there’s ways to start conversations with Alzheimer’s patients specifically that isnt too difficult, and might be easier to do than just any given person, but I sure as heck don’t know it.
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    Paola · 0 1
  • Like you would with anyone else .
    Vinegar Taster · 1 2
  • Just talk to them they will understand you, my friend.
    Little Big Man · 2 1
  • Just talk to them about what they want to talk about and always be as affirmative as you can ... My mother before she crossed over into eternity was in the 4th stage of dementia and most of the time didn't know her own children, but was always talking about some things from way back of what she knew to talk about and most of us always just acted like we knew what she was referring to ...

    When you are trying to carry a meaningful conversation with these individuals you have to try to get in tune with the things that they want to talk about, even sometimes even if they don't know you they will think they do and ask question sometimes about your family and well being ... your job is to just fit right in with that conversation, because you know their condition ..
    Ron · 3 1
  • i would just talk to thern the sarne way you would talk to anyone else
    Pearl L · 2 1