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Would you let your 18 year old kid drink alcohol?

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  • Yes 😤😤 ur talking abt 18 yr old ppl, I let my FOUR year old drink 🍷 some beer and now all his classmates are yes all kids should drink it should be administered at hospitals
    Umi · 0 0
  • umm yeah they're 18 it's legal you're a **** parent if u deny them their right
    Marieke · 2 0
  • ONLY if so called KID was in the military and fighting and defending his country.. Not just because the kid is 18. BUT if the kid is willing to fight, defend and die for his country YES,,, BUT ONLY ON BASE and in Moderation not out in OFF BASE CLUBS or served when it is obvious the kid has had to much and ON BASE Drinks can be controlled by MONITORING/ SWIPING THE ID CARD for each drink ordered and then cut off after say 3 or 4 over a couple hours time.
    retired old sarge · 2 1
  • No! where I come from they say alcohol is like a back stabbing friend! I saw it destroy families. So I keep a good distance away from rattle snakes and alcohol. (They say it is quite good for the compost and garden) As I care about my 18 year old the answer is NO. Thanks for asking!
    ALBERT · 2 3
  • Not much you can do to stop it. 18 is the legal age. however, if they are sensible kids I wouldn't mind them having alcohol now and then, it's not as tho they will turn alcoholic, I started drinking alcohol at the age of 14 with my father. it did not make me an alcoholic, I stopped drinking alcohol altogether since 6 years ago.
    JJ · 4 6