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What’s a theoretically effective way to lower education costs?

Secondary school teachers are state employees who are paid using tax dollars. Why can’t the same thing become of college professors? Theirs not that many of them in comparison to how many secondary school teachers there are. Let’s just say that instead of using trillions in tax dollars to pay for students’ degrees, why can’t taxes be used to pay salaries of professors? Then students would only be responsible for room and board as well as labs and possibly fees.
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  • Abolish Tenure. Institute more Poly-Techs. Train for a career. No more Arts History or Lesbionic Lit classes.
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  • 1. STOP allowing ILLEGALS to get education paid for by American Tax Payer

    2. Make school just like real jobs, 5 days a week all year with vacation days earned based on attendance

    3. Pay Teachers a living wage to educate our kids and have the same pay scale in ALL SCHOOLS

    4. Furnish School supplies for students based on the students and not where the school is located

    5. Better education in lower grade schools IE Middle school and HS would mean better education in collages and universities

    6. STOP ALL BS CLASSES which are actually good for nothing when it comes to work, jobs etc... IE HOW TO SPEAK KLINGON etc.. should not be a school subject..
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  • Vote for Bernie Sanders if he gets nominated
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  • Redirect the BILLIONS you were going to send Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as tribute this year to Federal grants for education of Americans. Crazy, right?