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Is there a way to make the US healthcare system affordable?

America has what is arguably the best healthcare system on the planet, and many would argue that creating a federally provided healthcare system allowing 'free' access would only corrupt that. But I doubt anyone could argue that the cost of US healthcare isn't positively overwhelming.

Is there any way to maintain the US's quality of care while bring the affordability to within reason for the majority of America's citizens?
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  • Just experienced this

    Husband has Humana for prescription coverage and mine is United something or other. We filled the exact same prescription under his plan and my plan and the cost was $62 out of pocket on Humana and $30 with United. Oh his is filled at CVS and mine at Walgreen

    WHY such an outrageous difference? The pharmacy's reply "we made a better deal with the manufacturer than they did" oh yeah now I see.................duh.

    There is a bit cheaper way if your family has a simple problem and that is "on call doctors" instead of taking every kid with a snotty nose to the ER. This on call service is approved by my health care providers and 35 per incident. I myself have used it on 2 occasions for a sinus infection and a bladder infection and each would have cost me over 150 (my insurance carrier) for each problem.

    There are other options to the emergency room which is what runs our medical cost sky high for people who go there and never pay a dime.
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  • ‘Arguably the best healthcare system on the planet?’ Are you nuts? My bad, maybe you actually are and this is the result of psych drug-induced brain damage. To answer the question, if you want to make it affordable, have Medicare basic coverage start paying for naturopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, adequate chiropractic, homeopathy and other non-allopathic modalities as opposed to the mainstream ‘cut-and-drug’ approach which leads only to chronic illness by failing to utilize the body’s own innate healing capacity. Then people wouldn’t have to GO to the doctor constantly, health care costs would diminish and everybody’d be healthier. But I guess that’s ‘un-American’ and we ALL know that we have ‘arguably the best healthcare system on the planet’. Just ask all the people who have been lobotomized by psych drugs, killed by opioid drug ODs, had their immune systems decimated by chemotherapy and radiation so the cancer comes back and easily snuffs out an organism with no defenses, etc.