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What do you think of Kamala Harris’ proposal to give one billion in federal funding to blacks to help them buy houses?

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  • Why stop there? What about the next thousand generations of blacks? Shouldn't they also share in KH's gift of disbursing other people's money? I vaguely, recall slave like conditions when Chinese people were building railroads. They should also be recipients of KH's generosity? America's Indians could also benefit from KH's skill of using other peoples money to fund her political ambitions. Why stop at housing. Clothing, cars, food, travel, vacations, etc. all are possible with other peoples money. If there's not enough funds to pay for all of this, just stop using the government money printing presses from printing ones, fives and tens and have them print denominations of one hundred thousand and one million.
    jerryir · 0 2
    Warren T · 6 3
  • I think of D-Day and sinking Caissons off the Coast when we needed to invade Nazi Europe in 1945. Sinking concrete Caissons is what Louisiana should do to stop the erosion and start building up some barrier islands and not wash away, like Holland and the Zuider Zee becoming a Polder. Or killing one roach at a time, or shooting one terrorist at a time, wearing down their numbers by attrition. The truly horrible scientists in Charleston watching that whale thrashing caught in a giant net were so hidebound to observation and not acting that they watched it die for days instead of what any child knows who has ever been caught in thorns: You start snipping at the net piece by piece until you undermine it and it suddenly gives way. Scientists are trained out of all such natural instincts and will observe Nell to death. You start building Polders like the Dutch to reclaim land from the sea. Louisiana is neglecting themselves into the sea through attrition. We send billions to Pakistan to care for our enemy, al Qaeda, over each winter and send them back to Afghanistan to murder Americans every spring. It would be better to give billions to blacks and white Americans as well to buy houses and start building up our own people and economy. You see, you have to start somewhere. Forking the money over to Pakistan is not better than spending it to help Americans stimulate the economy.
    Cousin · 8 0
  • We did that and when they didn't pay the mortgage or taxes it created the housing and loan collapse of the economy.
    out2lunch4now2 · 18 7