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Why do americans love freedom so much?

I understand that america as a country was founded on freedom, but you guys take freedom too far.

shouldn't you be more like canada and tone it down a notch?
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  • You’re a f*cking idiot for asking this question, of course it had to be a b!tch as Canadian
    Aldo · 2 1
  • Are you referring to the fact that YOU DO NOT HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM TO OWN A FIREARM, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, AND MANY OTHER FREEDOMS WE HAVE HERE... Maybe that why so many CANOOKS move here when they can,, YOU northerners sure like to complain about something you do not have but with you did.
    retired old sarge · 1 0
  • As a Canadian, this made me smile. Taxes keep everyone in the mud.
    Donnie Doom · 3 1
  • I would love it if the U.S. acted more like Canada.
    Duck · 6 9