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Do people only like you if you're pretty?

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  • If a person is pretty then they do have a major social advantage. However, a person can be liked for other reasons. Consider Mother Teresa; she was ugly, but everybody loved her. So just because a person doesn't have attractive looks doesn't mean they are doomed in life. What's important in life is; seek truth, practice goodness, and see beauty everywhere. In doing so you will do well in life.
    Dr. D · 3 0
  • Well, maybe at first but if the pretty person has a bad attitude, once they open their mouth people might hate them.
    Alexandra · 4 0
  • look at Donald Trump and tell me about it.
    Kongfucius · 1 0
  • You can have a pretty face and still be very unlikeable. Personality counts a lot.
    e9601: · 2 0
  • No way people like a good personality my friend.
    Little Big Man · 4 0