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Will running a mile everyday help me lose weight?

Or will doing more help me?
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  • You have to also cut out five hundred calories everyday for a week and you will safely lose a pound and you just continue that until you hit your goal weight. But it depends on your metabolism, the intensity of your workouts, how much water you drink (the body can't burn fat when it's dehydrated), and it depends on your diet what you eat is so important it's the biggest part of what will determine your results that and your rest days you need a break from working out so you don't overwhelm yourself and so you're not breaking your muscles down. When we workout and we use our muscles and they become sore we can't just keep working them they need rest to rebuild themselves and grow. It's the same with running or doing hiit circuits because you're using your legs and with hiit you're using your whole body.
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  • It's not enough. You have to cut down on calories.
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  • it might, i would just do it and see and then you'll know
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  • No............................
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