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can a spider legally own a gun?

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    If it is smart enough

    nathan 7 months ago 0 0
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  • If it is smart enough

    nathan 7 months ago 0 0
  • Yes why not it's legal for spiders to carry a gun in almost every county.

    ART 7 months ago 2 0
  • Seriously? 😟😕🙁☹️

    Blue-Eyed Soul Jim 7 months ago 2 1
  • Once he or she becomes a citizen I’m sure they can

    Hulk 7 months ago 4 0
  • yea i think spiders legally can own a gun cuz why not they usually dont harm you cuz they cool but like yea they couldd

    felix 7 months ago 2 0
  • Is this even a question. its 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Asking this is basically asking can humans have toes. The answer is YEEEEEESSSS

    And DON'T ask another dumb rhetorical question like this ever again.😡

    Nathan 7 months ago 11 1
  • Are you referring to the guy from Goodfellas who got his guts blown out by Joe Pesci? Or a thing that crawls? If it’s the latter than you’re on something.

    Anonymous 7 months ago 5 1
  • Depends on where they're from. These answers are really good by the way, keep them coming.

    Mickayla 7 months ago 1 0
  • His body his choice

    Pearl Ls ex-boyfriend 7 months ago 12 3
  • There's an age limit.  You have to be either 18 or 21 (I'm not sure).  Anyway, good luck finding a spider that old.

    Mr. Smartypants 7 months ago 15 3
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