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Are the Democrats scared that Donald Trump will be reelected?

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    Trump will be lucky to survive this month.

    Lv 6 8 months ago 0 1
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  • Trump will be lucky to survive this month.

    Nathan 8 months ago 0 1
  • Judging by what’s going on with the impeachment process right now, I think you’re getting ahead of yourself, junior. 

    atomic fireball 8 months ago 1 1
  • Yes--because they KNOW THE WALL President Trump is building will put an end to paying illegal Mexican immigrant laborers $3.10/hr.

    THE WALL WILL not only secure America from outside threats---but it will also see to it ALL Mexican laborers LEGALLY REGISTER FOR U.S. CITIZENSHIP. So do remember: ANY U.S. CITIZEN is FEDERALLY PROTECTED TO EARN AT LEAST MINIMUM WAGE, WORKING IN AMERICA.

    Can you imagine the nightmare for Corporate America in being forced to pay U.S. MINIMUM WAGE FOR ALL MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS?  Not to mention being forced to hold out U.S. TAXES---AND PAY FOR OBAMACARE HEALTH INSURANCE FOR EACH MEXICAN IMMIGRANT LABORER!!!!!

    Same goes for the wealthy American---who now enjoys hiring ILLEGAL MEXICAN LABORERS, and paying them $3/hr. 

    So you can well understand the desperation the Democrats ( and some "invisible" Republican congresspeople ) have in their effort to thwart ANY re-election chances for President Trump.

    Mr. Wizard 8 months ago 1 0
  • No. I figure whoever becomes president will be another slave of the 1% and of the Military - Indilustrial Complex. More war, more povrrty are in store for Americans. 

    Anonymous 8 months ago 2 1
  • Yes, that is the reason Democrats are currently running to prevent him from having a possible 2nd term.

    Jokester49 8 months ago 3 0
  • Yes.

    <Democrat Texas Congressman Al Green says impeachment is the only thing that can prevent President Trump from re-election in 2020.>

    AOC has said something very similar.

    graphicconception 8 months ago 1 0
  • Not in the least way.

    Mike L 8 months ago 0 2
  • If you look at their candidates they should be scared. Biden is too old and a crook. Commie Bernie is too old, too socialist, and just had a heart attack, and Lying Liz won’t admit the middle class will be paying for her healthcare plan with the Value Added Tax.

    All of the endorse open borders and free healthcare for illegal aliens 

    None are electable

    Dr. Li Wenliang 8 months ago 3 1
  • You damn Skippy they are! Why do you think they keep coming up with all these c0ckamamee schemes to get rid of him?

    Anonymous 8 months ago 4 0
  • Everyone should be.  He is a disgrace.

    -j. 8 months ago 3 6
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