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Will the impeachment attempt help Trump get reelected in 2020?

I'm in the minority about this. But I'm a Democrat and I think the impeachment fight will help give Trump another victory. Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot once again. I kept saying that if we defeat Trump the old-fashioned way, he could very well lose. *Yawn* Why, Democrats. WHY?

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    he is not going to be reelected thats for damm sure

    Anonymous 6 months ago 2 4
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  • he is not going to be reelected thats for damm sure

    Anonymous 6 months ago 2 4
  • The Democrats are suffering from what to do. Let them continue with their new song of impeachment. We the Americans people need security and jobs. As long as we have something on the table, and the next neighbor is working that's it.  

    Lemi 6 months ago 1 1

    Warren T 6 months ago 2 3
  • Yes he is rising daily in the polls and the court of public opinion is so sick of the impeachment thing America needs a lot of different things like Illegal Immigration, Healthcare reform we have seen Nothing sense 2017 to Heep America the bills the house passed are only for special interest nothing for we the people

    John 6 months ago 2 4
  • dont know but im worried american democracy is under peril.

    fadan 6 months ago 1 2
  • Oh yes! its a huge waste of time and money. You're not as much of a minority as you think you are.

    Anonymous 6 months ago 5 5
  • Most likely it will. Citizens are getting wise to the false accusations. It's not playing well with the masses. OK here's the deal: Liberal/leftists' entire political agenda and philosophy is based on false accusations. They will have to keep doubling down on false accusations. It's all they have. At this point, After the Mueller report found no crimes, leftist democrats have no actual intention of impeaching Trump and sending it to the Senate for a trial. They simply cannot afford for the Senate to declare Trump Not guilty. Nor can they afford honest evidentiary procedure the Senate would impose.. Leftist democrats have only one gambit. Protracted hearings and investigations lasting past the next election. They must, at all costs, keep publicity away from Trump's policies causing our booming economy. They can only divert attention away from the economy by making constant accusations of criminal behavior on Trump's part. If the democrats can't divert attention away from the economy, they might just start looking at their retirement accounts bursting at the seams; and say "Can we afford an anti-Trump president?"

    Homeschool produces winners 6 months ago 8 10
  • It's not the impeachment attempt. ITS the dumb Democrits being so stupid and grasping at anything they can because they KNOW THEY CANNOT BEAT TRUMP so they are trying anything they can against him.

    They know they have lost so many and their SOCIALIST BS AGENDA is driving people away and they have no real agenda other then their hate for trump.

    ? 6 months ago 14 10
  • You're NOT alone! 

    MastersDegree 6 months ago 7 6
  • I have to give you a lot of credit.

    Anonymous 6 months ago 9 7
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