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Are conservatives evil?

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    Am I evil? Yes I am. Am I evil? I am, man.

    Lv 6 6 months ago 2 5
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  • Am I evil? Yes I am. Am I evil? I am, man.

    Richard 6 months ago 2 5
  • Pig-headed Redneck Bigots are like the Cracker Taliban. Compare what Schama says in his DVD series "History of Britain" about Cromwell. People tell themselves that their victimising others is "the right thing to do" but it isn't. Recently conservatives have been angry about a Friday's television commercial showing two men kissing, and there have been similar commercials like McCafe and so on showing Gay couples, which have gotten responses such as this is "shoving it down our throats" just "like interracial couples". But these people are part of life, a portion of humanity, and Gay and interracial couples should be shown in a realistic proportion. It is evil for White Supremacists and Racists to demand that only they be depicted in television commercials, for instance. It is not "shoving it down their throats" to depict a Gay couple kissing because Gay couples do exist and do kiss. And it is not "shoving it down their throats" that there are interracial couples with mixed race children. Mixed race people are people too, and do not have to be hidden away or not shown on television. There is nothing wrong with being a mixed race human being. Demanding that art and media only depict pure White, heterosexual people is bigotry, and yes, evil. 

    Cousin 6 months ago 6 14
  • absolutely not! just like how liberals aren’t evil. 

    Anonymous 6 months ago 11 6
  • If by evil you mean waking up in the morning to drink the tears of offended liberals, then yes we are evil.

    elisa 6 months ago 30 16
  • Nobody is evil.  Conservatives are just wrong.

    nineteenthly 6 months ago 19 40
  • not necessarily true

    james 6 months ago 12 5
  • No we are all beautiful people with ambition

    Hunk 6 months ago 14 18

    Warren T 6 months ago 35 22
  • Absolutely. No doubt. They can change but they are at “present” evil to the core.

    Pounding the rock 6 months ago 12 52
  • i would hope not

    Pearl L 6 months ago 31 6
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