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Why is the train system in the UK so so terrible ?

Always late, broken wifi, last minute cancellations, still runs diesel even for short journeys (wtf), trains smell like barf and paying a stupid amount of money for a crap service, rude train staff as well. 

 This is a modern high speed train that runs between Sydney and Tallawong (about the distance between Edinburgh and Glasgow). UK trains on the other hand look 30 years old but just been repainted but still uses diesel. 

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  • Why have trains at all? They are out of date, major pollution makers, very expensive to run, railroad takes up too much space; or land area.

    If you do not like the UK trains, travel by ox cart.

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  • I work in London and use the Thameslink railway to travel. Most of the time, it gets me there and back a few mins late, but usually nothing major.

    Yes, delays do occur but this is inevitable. Things always go wrong, everywhere in the world like track failures, signal failures. All you can do is wait for them to fix it. Yes, it is annoying but just part of life!

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  • Because of the high cost of building and maintaining the wiring for electric trains, diesel is actually cheaper on routes that don't have a lot of trains. It seems worse for the environment than it is, because the number of passengers on a train is so much larger than for a car that the carbon emissions per person are really much lower for a diesel train.

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  • If you don't like the service, DON'T USE IT! Find some other means to haul your stupid butt around town.

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  • I travel into London by train three times a week there is a fast train every

    30 minutes and problems are rare, next month new trains will take over. 

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  • Be like an American:  Buy a car and avoid the trains.

    They'll either make them better or you guys can finally get properly fat like the rest of us.

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