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Can a human possibly dent the wall of a very old freight train car?

To start, I'm asking this to get a detail right in a book I'm writing. NOT so I can try this in real life.

Second, not only is the train old, it's in terrible condition. Let's say it hasn't been maintained for a decade.

Third, let's go by rules of hysterical strength. If a human being is out of their mind, trying to beat the daylights out of that cargo train car wall, and if that person had absolutely no regard for their own safety, is it possible for them to make even a small dent in that metal?

If it's not possible, I'll just leave that out of my book. Again, I'm not going to attempt this myself.

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    Anonymous 2 months ago 0 0
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  • ..................................

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  • With 0 Maintenance and if its in a Town near Saltwater, you could possibly Punch a Hole in the Rust. Though youd need a Tetanus Shot after

    Alexis Rhodes (Téa Wheeler) 2 months ago 0 0
  • Maybe with a sledgehammer.  With bare hands, no chance in hell.

    Richard 3 months ago 1 0
  • Hell, you can barely mark it with a forklift.  It is super strong metal. I loaded apple bins onto freight train cars.

    Anonymous 3 months ago 1 0
  • Go find an old freight car. Standing INSIDE, start at one end and run as fast as you can to the other end, and strike the end wall with your head. Let us know how that works out for you.

    JetDoc 3 months ago 1 2
  • not a hope in hell going by the old steam engine thats been sitting in the centre of a town I once lived in for the last 80 years hitting it as hard as you can with a baseball bat wouldn't dint the steel

    arther 3 months ago 0 1
  • i think anything is possible

    Pearl L 3 months ago 0 2