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Would World War 2 have still happened if Hitler had never been born?

People always say 'if only we could go back and kill Hitler as a baby' or 'if only that British soldier had not taken pity on wounded Hitler in ww1 and killed him instead' But I wonder...was the world always on the path for another world war regardless. It just happened to be Hitler that started it.

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    yes they were bankrupt they needed to kill people

    Anonymous 6 months ago 0 3
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  • yes they were bankrupt they needed to kill people

    Anonymous 6 months ago 0 3
  • That war may not have happened but another one probably would have. There were probably many potential "Hitlers" as there are with any situation.  Hitler was pivital but he didnt create the elements that lead up to it all.  In that regard he was just one of many, many elements that enabled the war and the Holocaust.  Hitler was the ultimate narcissist but unfortunately we ignore many of the elements that may have lead to it with or without him and focus only on him which is a narcissists wet dream. Hes probably in hell loving everytime his name is spoken.

    Anonymous 6 months ago 4 1
  • IF IF IF: once could say that because Hitler was the leader of the Nazi swine, if he was never born the Nazi swine would never have become established in German politics, However its not that simple, Hitler was only one of a plethora of ideologues who wanted to the rights of the injustices felt by the Germany people caused by the unjust armistice settlement at the close of the 1st world war. Who knows whether anyone of the others wouldnt have gone down the same political route and caused a war anyway.

    robert x 6 months ago 2 3
  • It would’ve still happened because of the debt Germany had

    Anonymous 6 months ago 2 5
  • I believe there would have been, but it would have been very different, it may have started later, and far fewer millions may have died. We will never know, though. We will never know how high Mussolini would have risen without a rising Germany. Japan was doing what it did in China and elsewhere in the Pacific years before Hitler came to power. The Spanish civil war probably would have taken place, though without support from Mussolini, the Nationalists and Franco may not have come out on top. There were concerns that Spain and France would go to war. No one can say what would have been different and to what extent, with the exception being that entire groups of people would not have been targeted for extermination based on an ideology.

    curtisports2 6 months ago 4 2
  • Of course. The Nazi party would have found another stupid stooge to sling bull to the world.

    Lots a wanna be hilterites out there ready to take the fall.

    John 6 months ago 1 5
  • Interesting...I recently saw where they do computer models now on assassinating the world's worst terrorist leaders or not.  They look at who might fill the void and if it would be worse or better.  

    I would think that with no Hitler Germany just might have taken longer to declare war.  

    Interesting point that Japan started invading Asia in 1931 with no Western full out actions for a Decade in 1941.  If Japan continued that for another 5 years, their military strength would have been that much more.  

    Germany too.  The submarines, jets, missiles, tanks they developed at the end of the war were unbelievable.  But they couldn't produce enough of them at the end of the war.  A later start in the war, and the allies could have been facing V2 missiles  and jets on the opening days.

    JuanB 6 months ago 5 0
  • As, of course, we have no access to the alternate universe where Hitler either never was born, or, say, snuffed in during WW1, we cannot say anything for certain.

    But, in his absence it is hard to imagine another leader of his party being able to muster the sustained rhetorical charisma that was the key to his electoral successes, that then placed him within reach of the rule over Germany, and then that sustained it into WW2.

    Now, was public opinion in the Germany of the 20s very, very unhappy about the limits placed on them by the Versailles Treaty ? Very much so, yes. But, there was no other top leader who had the charisma to ride that unhappiness to the top job.

    Then, we have to go beyond that, as WW2 wasn't just all about what Germany wanted. Italy was launching wars of conquest as early as 1935, and Japan as early as 1931. But, it is fair to say that without a powerful Germany, both of those other aggressors could be stopped in far less time and with far less cost than it ended up really taking.

    ANDRE L 6 months ago 2 4
  • Very hard to say.  He certainly pushed hard in a certain direction but someone else may have come along and done the same.  It was a combination of his ideas, his charisma, and just being lucky to be born into a set of conditions that were ripe for the picking.  The dry kindling had already been stacked up, he just came along and lit it on fire.

    megalomaniac 6 months ago 0 0
  • You can assume if a bad guy died before his time it would be worse today.

    rustbucket 6 months ago 0 2
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