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WTH is up with a big mac meal being over 10 dollars?

So they want over 6 dollars for a big mac by itself, $10 for the combo. Why? I could go to a premium restaurant and get a "top" notch meal for 17 bucks, I could Get a "premium" burger and fries anywhere for 13 dollars, why are fast food chains charging so much for their delicious non qualitable items?

btw I still like the value menu, I can get a decent 300 calorie burger for less than $2, but a 600 calorie burger, $7, wth

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    Where do you live?  Big Mac meal  around me costs 5.99

    Lv 7 1 month ago 0 0
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  • Where do you live?  Big Mac meal  around me costs 5.99

    drip 1 month ago 0 0
  • It's crazy.  If I'm going to spend that much money, I'll go to the diner and get a fabulous burger for a few dollars more.

    Anonymous 1 month ago 0 0
  • Where I'm at it's $5.99 and comes with the medium size fries and drink. Upgrading those to a large costs more. I don't know how much more.

    THBBFT! 1 month ago 1 0
  • Fast food is under Min wage laws. As wages go up so does price. Were high class places the help works for $2 a hour & tips. So don't forget to tip. Or they to will need bring qualified help up to Min. wage & prices will go up. 

    james 1 month ago 1 1
  • A good part of it is that the minimum wage has been going up, and in the fast food business 30% of their costs is labor-or in other words the wages they have to pay their workers.

    Bob 1 month ago 2 0
  • I suggest you do the  Burger King online survey.  Then you can get a similar meal for 3.64 Federal Reserve  Notes.  Pay for it with a credit card that returns 2% of what you were charged.  Keep in mind that BG only serves GMO food.  

    Sally 1 month ago 1 0
  • It's because the whiny little crybabies who wanted $15 an hour to flip a burger,  and guess what?, you get to pay for that increase through higher food prices.

    bobby 1 month ago 2 1
  • I thought the same thing. I ordered a meal and it costed like $15 and I could get all you can eat buffet for $12.50. Now I just get the plain cheeseburger for a dollar something.

    Tasm 1 month ago 0 0
  • Prices are more expensive at certain places. It’s usually more expensive at the mall, airport, sporting venues because rent is so much higher so the food costs much more. 

    Donnie Porko 1 month ago 1 0
  • Because fast food workers think they deserve $15 an hour.... Don't you remember?

    Matt 1 month ago 2 1