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Could a bad radiator be causing all of this?

I have a 2001 Camry that has oil in the coolant, it has a burning coolant type smell, it's misfiring and white smoke is coming from the tail pipe. The test for a blown head gasket is negative. What else could cause all of this. My next suspect is a radiator leak.

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    A radiator leek does not put oil in the cooling system, You have a oil water jack leek some place, which could be a head gasket. Your pressure test will not show a water jacket head gasket leek, it will only show a leek in to the firing chamber not a water jacket problem, or if you have an intake cooler system the intake could be leeking which would mix oil and water, or you could see water in the oil as well as oil in the water. You need a very good mechanic to check this out! head gasket leek

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