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Can I default on a lease? ?

I apologize in advance for the long story but I wouldn't be on here unless I was desperate. 

I bought a used car back in October a month later the car broke down. The dealership kept giving me the runaround until the first week of December.  My car has been in their possession since then yes first week of Dec. I finally got my car yesterday  1/20/2020 and within 6 hours it broke down yet again. The car was $5600. I put a down payment of $1700 and made payments for the past 3 months totaling $650. Not only that they went 50/50 with me on the repairs that cost me an extra 1000. Another mechanic was going to charge me 2 grand that's why I stayed at the dealership.  It was stupid of me to go to a Mom and Pop shop but at the time I had no choice as I didn't have good credit or a cosigner. I've been without a car for 2 months now. These people are scam artists. I looked up the lemon law in GA and it does not cover used leased cars. I am desperate and do not know what to do. I cannot afford an auto attorney. I love the car but I feel at this point they're are scewing with me. Has anyone been in this type of situation? Or know what to do? 

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    Did you go to the police? FRAUD. Got it? Your police department has a fraud squad. Use them. Every dealership is licensed by your state. Contact them. Contact your insurance company. They'll help you.

    Anonymous 8 months ago 1 1
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