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Should affirmative action be strengthened?

Men still earn more than women and whites still earn more than blacks. Do we need to advantage women and minorities even more to create equality?

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    No, it should be abolished.

    Daniel 1 month ago 8 0
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  • No, it should be abolished.

    Daniel 1 month ago 8 0

    Warren T 1 month ago 0 0
  • Where I reside the lowest paid employees are the white Caucasian males, that's a fact.  I'm talking about the same comparable job.

    Const. King 1 month ago 1 0
  • Affirmative action is another failed government mandate in an attempt to do what culture and religion used to do, control behavior. Being that it is unnatural it will only continue to fail. We need to be rid of it. As for the listed examples, its good to see earnings rather than wages but higher paying work and overtime are paid such because of difficulty and inconvenience. An even earning for all is nonsense because while everyone may cast the same power with their vote, nobody is equal. This can easily be seen among those of the same area, family or school. Some girls will be pretty, some not. Some boys will be tall, some not. Going further some women are more feminine, can handle money and be good company when they put their phone down and some....not so much. Some men are strong, diligent and can play many sports well yet have counterparts of varying degrees. Inequality is the normal course so career paths will reflect the same. Open opportunities without trying to control outcomes.

    Adrian 1 month ago 1 0
  • It should be abolished

    Richard 1 month ago 7 0
  • Stuff should not cost so damned much. Then  wages would matter less.

    The Devil 1 month ago 2 4
  • Sure just keep doing the same old thing that has failed after 50 years and hope that continuing to do it will be different in the next 50 years....Not gonna happen. 

    Some people cannot be helped: they must be carried: No one I know wants to do that. No great society should burden its productive people in such a fashion if said society want to remain civilized.  ALL you will accomplish is to further weaken the human species.      Have a nice day.    

    DCCCLXXXVIII 1 month ago 9 1
  • Not at all.

    It should be outlawed.

    Anonymous 1 month ago 8 0
  • Jews and chinks make more money than whites. Why did you leave that part out? It's almost like you're just using white supremacy and white privilege as excuses for black failure. 🤔

    Anonymous 1 month ago 9 8
  • No. It is racism , by definition.

    Wage slave, it must be nice to spout lies without fact checking yourself. Thank you for your input , aka lie.

    Anonymous 1 month ago 9 3