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The economy is doing ok under Trump. What plan do Democrats have for the economy?

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    Democrat Platform ...

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  • Democrat Platform ...

    skaloc62 1 month ago 1 0
  • I think Obama highlighted exactly what Democrats plans are for the economy, I know many lives that were ruined by Obama's economic policies, yes even Democrats suffered job losses under Obama, and all he could say is, Listen, those manufacturing jobs that went overseas are not coming back.......Wrong!  this is why democrats voted for Trump, and that's why they will vote for him again.

    Al 1 month ago 0 3
  • The Democrats' main plan seems to be to oppose anything President Trump suggests.

    When he is no longer POTUS, I am not sure how the Dems will know what to come out against.

    graphicconception 1 month ago 0 2
  • Since the unemployment went from 10% down to 4.7% under Obama having to work his way out under the previous Republican recession the worst since right after WW2. And under Trump the unemployment has only dropped more than 1.2%, not that much since Trump gave a tax cut giveaway to the nations wealthiest companies and corporation and did nothing but drive up the nations debt more. I think the Dem's can handle the economy just fine............maybe give large tax breaks to small businesses, help people get an education that doesn't sink them into 6 figure debt,,,,,,,,,,, and a healthcare plan that was doing fine(with some tweaks in the exchange part ) in the ACA.

    Annonymous 1 month ago 2 4
  • They plan to raise taxes on the middle class, driving down wages, and destroy the economy entirely. Their plan to flood the nation with more illegals will also tank the economy and hurt the American workers. Illegals lower wages and are a drain on our economy. Vote Republican in November!

    Leo Mazzolini 1 month ago 4 3
  • All that seems to be on the democrats mind …….is evident in the slobbering and drooling wile in The Senate chamber hoping to convince People of the BS they cooked up of in the lower House.    

    DCCCLXXXVIII 1 month ago 1 3
  • Democrats plan to raise taxes, thereby crashing the economy and bloating welfare roles to ensure the survival of their Party.

    Chris 1 month ago 1 2
  • Take more money out of your check and spend it on impeachment and studying the 1 eyes orange clobberhead horny toad

    MIKE 1 month ago 0 2
  • The Democrats want to wreck the economy. 

    W.T. Door 1 month ago 0 3
  • Raise taxes, more benefits for non-working folks and destroying the economy!

    Thomas CNSRV 1 month ago 1 3