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How do I evict my non-Christian tenants?

We are a strong Christian apartment community. One of my tenants disrespects President Donald Trump, our most moral leader yet. How can I evict him?

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    Stupid troll though that's redundant.

    Anonymous 3 weeks ago 1 0
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  • Stupid troll though that's redundant.

    Anonymous 3 weeks ago 1 0
  • Obvious troll is obvious

    Richard 4 weeks ago 4 0
  • Leftist troll alert.

    curtisports2 4 weeks ago 4 2
  • Ask yourself what was his latest accomplishment. Did he do something, for himself, his family, his friends, other people, OR....

    Yes, I have been reading what people are saying about him, and please finish my above sentence.

    My latest accomplishment was, for me. An accomplishment is something good that was done.

    Unfortunately if you are a tenant who doesn't own any livable assets then you don't have the authority to evict ANYONE. Your questions gives the the impression that you don't own anything that a human being can reside in.

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 2 1
  • Give the tenant a free month for his opinion!

    realtor.sailor 4 weeks ago 4 1
  • Sorry, but you can't.  Your tenant is not violating the lease by voicing his opinion.

    R P 4 weeks ago 6 0
  • You are going to have to find a legal way to do it.  Be creative.

    babyboomer1001 4 weeks ago 1 6
  • Troll smarter, not harder.

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 10 0
  • Pay them to leave, or expect to be sued.

    Judy 4 weeks ago 2 2
  • You don't know. Because you admitted that the reason you want to evict the tenant is that the tenant is not Christian, you can no longer evict this tenant. You are not allowed to evict anyone because of their religion, or lack thereof.

    StephenWeinstein 4 weeks ago 3 1