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False rape accusation ?

Does the accuser suffers if it is proven the its not true ? Is the law sexist against male ?

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    False rape reports are almost never prosecuted.  Even in the Duke Lacrosse case where the accuser lied repeatedly under oath, the DA refused to pursue charges against her.

    Common Sense
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  • False rape reports are almost never prosecuted.  Even in the Duke Lacrosse case where the accuser lied repeatedly under oath, the DA refused to pursue charges against her.

    Common Sense 3 weeks ago 3 0
  • it's very bad -- law always against men.

    md 3 weeks ago 3 1
  • There is a price to pay, even if a person does not get caught, lying. It is hard to imagine a person man or woman making a false rape claim. And yes men get raped too and not just in prison.  1 out of 3 women/girls and 1 out of 5 men/boys will be assaulted in their life. So think about it, what usually a woman has to go through, when she reports a rape or sexual assault. Even good people who love her can say some of the most cruel things. From did she tease him, is she sure she just did not change her mind, were you drinking, or doing drugs, and even though it has not been allowed to ask, a woman is she sexually active it is usually done, in some way.  She has to tell her story to a doctor, nurse and at least 3 different cops usually men, and the district attorney a dozen times or more, and knowing experts say about half of sexual assaults are not reported out of fear.  Being known as a victim, retaliation from the accused, and knowing what they will go through. Knowing of the 50% reported, because of mistakes, or misjudgments, waiting too long, feeling guilty for drinking, or trusting a man she hardly knew, less then 1/3 will go to trial.  So out of 200 assaults 100 are reported, about 30% taken to trial, at best 20 are convicted. The average sentence is 3.5 yrs.  Half will get less then a year.  Recently a drunk woman, not sure if she drunk that much or someone spiked her drink, but on the way walking home she passed out, and some college guy saw her, and instead of being a good young man, he raped her, and guess what he got,  6 month  sentence and 3 yrs probation.  I was a rape and abuse crisis counselor for 30 yrs. I am a man and had 2 sisters raped.  After calling her a s*lt and it was all her fault for passing out, and his father saying he should not be punished so harshly for a 20 minute action of a 20 yr life.  Like raping someone is a minor mistake. However, knowing how devastating a false rape accusation will cause for all women victims, and knowing there will some people who will always look at him as a rapist, and even just charged, can prevent someone from getting a job. I am a teacher, a medic, and recently in life work at a nursing home, all of which would not hire me if there is even a hint of sexual misconduct in my past.  So I would say the average sentence a rapist would get if found guilty, a false accuser should get.  But then again, there are bad people in this world and if she is that evil, she hangs with others that evil usually, She was most likely raped or abused by someone else, and nothing happened to the rapist. No excuse, for reporting a fake rape.  But with 70% of everything negative about rape is put on the victim, usually women, raped by men.  Not sure since we still have men and women making excuses for rape, when it is someone they know and love.  I know this has not changed, since 1972, when my own mother told my sister when she first met her after the rape, "why did you let that man rape you. She apologized immediately, but the damage was done. Women have been mistreated and abused since before Jesus, and good men and women allowed it, or accepted it.  Lets work on not allowing people for being abused in this world, before we work on the a very small problem. Its like, nothing being done to protect women, or nothing being done to stop gun violence, or the police shooting unarmed black men, but complain of the drug uses of victims.  I have heard some people claim as high as 5%, which I would argue with, but taking this number 1 million women are raped and nothing is done to half, and 150,000 go to trial, 50,000 are convicted, and you want to talk and do something about the 50 wrongfully accused, of rape.  does not seem fair.  And i would argue of the 1 million raped, there are maybe 1 wrongly accused.  

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  • The man is automatically viewed as guilty , and even if found to have made a false accusation , the woman is rarely , if ever punished for it 

    Kevin 3 weeks ago 5 1
  • Yes there will be people who will always think he probably did it.

    Ace Shorty 3 weeks ago 3 0
  • no... they get off scott free... 

    retired old sarge 3 weeks ago 4 1
  • Does an accuser face any legal or social repercussions for filing a false rape claim?

    Yes and no. If prosecution is comfortable that they can prove an intentionally false claim was made, they'll probably file, but whether it ends in a conviction or pleads down I cannot say. Likely the latter would happen, if anything at all.

    Social? Ehhh, this one's a crapshoot. The kind of person who would deliberately lie about rape is also probably the kind of dysfunctional trash who has surrounded herself with yesmen and will tell all her old friends that called her out on her lies 'bye felicia' and not lose a wink of sleep over it.

    Decent people would remove her from their life if they learned of it, but like I said, the kind of person who makes false crime claims to hurt another isn't exactly the kind of person known for healthy connections with decent, well adjusted, responsible people.

    They should be sentenced similarly to those convicted of rape, pay restitution for the irreparable damage done to the accused's reputation, and issue a televised apology absolving the accused of any crime. However, proving deliberately falsifying a claim from mistaken identity or something is another matter entirely and likely why this can of worms isn't opened as often as it perhaps should be.

    I should also note that a lack of hard evidence or witnesses, mistaken identity, being pressured/harassed into withdrawing charges, withdrawing charges out of fear of seeing rapist in court, etc should not be conflated with "deliberately and knowingly lied". Some people like to confuse these things because they're stupid.

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  • Its called filing a false report

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  • No. Women can't falsely accuse men. Even if she falsely accused a guy, there is a reason behind that. Men who are sexist towards women need to be falsely accused and put in jail. If men disrespect women, then women will take revenge.


    It's soo nice that men had to go through this. LOL. When women had to suffer, men always laughed. If we women don't falsely accuse men of rape, men won't understand our feelings. 


    I'm so happy that you all men are in crazy trouble!! Haha 🤪🤪🤣🤣

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 0 10
  • False allegation can occur as the result of intentional lying on the part of the accuser; or unintentionally, due to a confabulation, either arising spontaneously due to mental illness or resulting from deliberate or accidental suggestive questioning, or faulty interviewing techniques. So in that case if the accuser falsely accuse of rape then she will be jailed 5 years in prison maximum. There are some states women facing more jail time. 

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