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Is 7 years too long to wait for my boyfriend to propose? ?

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    If he has not got round to it yet, it seems he has no such intention 

    Alan H
    Lv 7 1 month ago 0 0
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  • If he has not got round to it yet, it seems he has no such intention 

    Alan H 1 month ago 0 0
  • Yes, you shouldn't wait any longer.  You can ask him what his intentions are but it's already pretty obvious that he doesn't have marriage in mind.  You should move on you may still have a chance with someone else.  I'm 55 it may take a miracle.

    Anonymous 1 month ago 2 0
  • If you're giving him all the pu$$y he wants, why would he want to get married?  After 7 years, I bet you're not the only one he's f*cking.

    Anonymous 1 month ago 0 1
  • Are you living with him? If so, you might as well be moving on or at least make him think you are. Tell him you are going to give him 4 months and if it hasn't happened by then you are going to be looking elsewhere. 

    I really think you should already be looking because I doubt if he will ever marry you.

    Ace Shorty 1 month ago 2 0
  • I'd say yes.  It could depend on his desire to provide a better life for you before he does or some logical reason, but most serious relationships get into "fiance' " status long before that and project a proposed wedding date.

    geetarman56 1 month ago 2 0
  • yes.  But keep in mind a man is foolish if he buys a cow when milk is so cheap. 

    Cathy 1 month ago 4 2
  • Not necessarily although I wouldn't get high hopes on it ever happening at this point.

    Ron Akia 1 month ago 1 0
  • My boyfriend is trying to guilt me into marrying him.....but I'm not ready..?

    We will be dating for 2 years in December, and I love him to death. But he wants to get married now, and I don't feel ready to be married. We are both still in college and I won't be done until next year, but he wants it now. I have told him I want to wait until I graduate and have a job but he won't listen. We have no money for a wedding, honeymoon, a place to live, anything...but he says that doesn't matter and we would figure it out. I am only 20 though...I don't want marriage quite yet. And not only that, but he threatens suicide because he wants to be with me but I want to wait...I have no idea what I should do. I'm terrified he will kill himself, but I am also afraid to give in....please help me.. 


    I have posted an earlier question.  Clearly in spite of his threats  to commit suicide you stayed together, maybe you live  together now?  Have  you ever hinted to him that you'd  like to be married?  He might be afraid of rejection.

    GB 1 month ago 0 2
  • No way. If it is too long for you why haven't you proposed to him?

    I married my wife after 12 years when we were drunk on holiday in Thailand. 

    She proposed and when I said yes the local villagers went crazy and got the village elder out of bed and he married us on the beach at midnight.

    Apparently the marriage is only legally binding in Thailand but we don't need a document that no one else will ever see.

    We both wear rings but it would be hypocritical to have a religious wedding at home as neither of us are religious.

    If you would like a full blown religious ceremony then 2020 is a leap year so you can propose to him on February 29th.

    If you want to be blunt why not just say to him we have been dating for 7 years isn't it about time we made things more permanent?

    steve 1 month ago 2 1
  • Depends on where you are in life some it may be too long and others just right.

    My first husband proposed after 6 years but we also started dating at 16, so proposing at 22 seemed right at the time (though obviously still too soon since we divorced anyway lol).

    Even if you started dating at 22 and got engaged at 29 that seems reasonable. You should be established in life or close to it, done with school and overall a mature adult.

    I think if you meet someone at 35 or later, really it shouldn't take 7 years to know if you're right for each other, at that point you should really already know what in life is good for you.

    I have a friend though who mentioned last night she and her bf have been together for 32 years...  32 years being happily unmarried.  I always thought it was him, he's apparently asked her a few times and she wasn't interested in getting married so they keep the status quo...  it works for them.

    Kelly 1 month ago 1 1