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Is this an acceptable photo to post on Instagram? 24M 84F?

Hi everyone,

I am mulling over whether to post a photo - which I think is nice - onto my Instagram to my followers (approx. 170, and all mainly my age - 24M). It is me with a friend, 84F - who is my nana's neighbour. I had a great night tonight playing Scrabble with her. She lives on her own and doesn't really have many visitors. I have really got to know her very well since my Grandad passed away last summer. My mum took the photo.

I really love the photo, and would love to share it with my friends- but do you think that it lacks context - particularly given that my friend is NOT my nana? Also, would it be seen as a little weird? After all, I don't see many similar posts from those I follow on Instagram - it's often much more youthful! Context: if it helps - I have Aspergers and worry (perhaps) too much as to people's thoughts on this.

I wanted to post the photo with the caption 'Mary (name changed) teaching me the ins-and-outs of Scrabble!' or something similar.

tl;dr - Should I post the photo and caption on Instagram?

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    Wot? It's ok if you like to taste the elder berry every now and then, nobody is judging you.

    Father of Lies
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