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I ate today?

I ate today:

Breakfast: a coffee with artificial sweetener

Lunch: Two chicken legs with served salad and two egg whites

Dinner: 200 grams of cottage cheese (185 calories)

This is okay?

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    If you eat too much protein a day your body can get poisoned by it. You need proper fiber and fat, not just protein.

    Lv 4 3 weeks ago 0 0
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  • If you eat too much protein a day your body can get poisoned by it. You need proper fiber and fat, not just protein.

    Nickname 3 weeks ago 0 0
  • If you're a person who needs less food compared to the average person then that's perfect. But if you're a taller girl and you need more food then that's not enough.

    Emily Rose 3 weeks ago 0 0
  • That depends on what your weight is. If you are overweight and need to

    lose 70 pounds, then it is okay. But you should add some water and vitamins to it.

    If you are underweight, then it's not quite enough food.

    sparrow 3 weeks ago 0 0
  • Okay for what? What's your goal? What's your height and weight and age?


    FYI coffee is a beverage, not a meal. So, you had no b'fast. Eh, some people skip breakfast and do okay, so unless you are a minor, that's not a big deal. Kids need to eat breakfast.


    Salad, chicken, and egg whites for lunch is fine. Hopefully it was a big salad.


    For dinner you had cottage cheese. That's not enough. Your total calories for the day need to be MUCH higher (and I expect you know that). Here is a calculator for you to use, so you'll know what your daily calorie intake should be https://www.freedieting.com/calorie-calculator  Then you can stop trolling your "is this enough" questions in multiple languages.

    . 3 weeks ago 3 0
  • Not nearly enough, especially for breakfast. You shouldn't eat less than 1200 calories a day.

    Eva 3 weeks ago 2 0
  • Okay in what way?  I'd say you didn't get enough calories or vegetables - or Omega-3 fats. Please, don't use artificial sweeteners like Equal and Splenda.  If you want sweetener, use stevia or monk fruit.  Don't be afraid of eating the whole egg.  

    It is fine to skip breakfast IF you aren't hungry and your head is clear.  Eating two healthy meals each day that  provide a daily total of 6-8 ounces or 50-60 grams of protein as well as about 5-6 cups of fresh or cooked veggies is a good standard for a low carb diet.  Of course, you also need essential fatty acids.  You can get those from small amounts of olive oil, fats that come within your protein choices (like egg yolks), butter, nuts, and avocado.

    Under eating dramatically and or not eating any vegetables is oaky from time to time, but not healthy as a daily diet.  You're body also can't process more than about 20 grams of protein at one time.  Two chicken legs and two egg whites is a little over that.  You could save a hard boiled egg for a snack later.

    Mamawidsom 3 weeks ago 2 1
  • No, not OK. Starvation is not good.

    Pascal the Gambler 3 weeks ago 2 0
  • trading off chemicals for sugar, is not a healthy trade, either one is lose-lose....the rest was fine......you could just have the whole egg, that's real protein.....and you got lots of fear.....ask any well run health food store, I know one that has 3 certified nutritionists and they know health/nutrition better than the doctors know it.....

    k w 3 weeks ago 0 0
  • No it’s not enough food . You should avoid artificial sweeteners there very unhealthy

    🦋 3 weeks ago 0 0
  • No. Your diet lacks fruit and vegetables. You should also eat a proper breakfast.

    Barry 3 weeks ago 0 0