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Why hasn't Trump ordered an investigation of Biden using official law enforcement channels?

Trump could direct the DOJ to investigate Biden at any time. Or the CIA. Or the FBI. Or any number of federal law enforcement or intelligence agencies.

But he hasn't. Instead, he just tried to make Ukraine conduct a secret, back-channel investigation.

Why hasn't Trump ordered an official US investigation into Biden?

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    Because he’s a dirty rat of a cuntt

    ian c 4 weeks ago 0 0
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  • Because he’s a dirty rat of a cuntt

    ian c 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • Because he knows there’s not a damn thing to investigate.  Yes, I know, truth and logic, are two arenas that he ever dwells in.

    Mandy 4 weeks ago 1 2
  • Whatever makes you think that he has not??

    🐭-LAB RAT-🐭 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • The CIA and FBI are subordinate to Trump in theory And Constitutionally. They WORK FOR TRUMP. They choose to undermine Trump in reality.

    Solution? It ain’t to get rid of Trump.....it’s to weed out the Brennans, Clappers, Comeys, McCabes, Pages, Strzoks and their imitators.

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 2 0
  • Those 'law enforcement channels' have already proven themselves NOT to be very Trump-friendly.

    canadacraig 4 weeks ago 2 0
  • Because, as everyone knows, the “investigation” of Biden was designed to serve Trump’s re-election campaign and for no other purpose. But you’re wrong about one thing: Trump didn’t want the investigation to be secret. He wanted a public announcement for Ukraine. What he wanted to be secret was the fact that he extorted the announcement using public funds.

    Insert Meme Here 4 weeks ago 3 4
  • And if he were to order then to investigate one of his opponents, he would be impeached for abuse of power. Or have you forgotten that what they were going to impeach Nixon for was using agencies to investigate people who were his opponents.

    There is no "legal" way that Trump can order an agency to investigate someone who is (or could be) his political opponent.

    Now one of those agencies could, if they cam across evidence as part of another investigation, then look at Biden. That was how the Obama administration got its surveillance on Trump. They "found evidence" when investigation Carter Page and used that to snake their way to being able to investigate Trump while we was running against Clinton.

    Interesting that Obama\Clinton could pay a foreign agent to buy dirty on Trump from Russians and use that get a FISA warrant to bug Trump's HQ and release that information to try to influence the last election. But that is not "Russian Collusion".

    Anything that Trump does is going to be seen as ground for impeachment. Anything Obama, Clinton or Biden did is not. Simple as that.

    dewcoons 4 weeks ago 2 1
  • Prima facie evidence is lacking.  It would be obvious it was just harassment if one was started.  If Trump gets his way and Barr remains AG the practice of needing an actual reason to start an investigation may go away.  

    marsel_duchamp 4 weeks ago 2 2
  • Graham is going to start that investigation.

    Justin Thyme 4 weeks ago 2 2
  • Because nepotism isn’t illegal in America. 

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 0 3