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Do people really support that communist AOC?

Why dont they just go to cuba if they love communism so much

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    Warren T
    Lv 7 4 weeks ago 0 0
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    Warren T 4 weeks ago 0 0
  • Her approval rating is just over 20%.

    Justin Thyme 4 weeks ago 1 1
  • Of we do, because she is really HOT!!!!

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 1 1
  • I didn't before but I will now just to upset you

    frank 4 weeks ago 2 1
  • Some do...……. With One navel carrier group we could deliver 1/2 a million malcontents to Cuba every 24 hours. 

    DCCCLXXXVIII 4 weeks ago 0 4
  • As far as I can tell, she is NOT advocating a "work according to ability, receive according to need" -economy.

    She looks like a regular socialdemocrat aka moderate leftist to me

    "Why don't they just go to cuba?"

    Because they prefer to improve their own country.

    Also, no country ever achieved a communist economy

    Zirp 4 weeks ago 3 3
  • I have been to Cuba.  Not as 'communist' not as bad as you imagine. I could live there, except the internet is so lousy, and my Spanish is so pathetic.  But I would be comfortable and happy.

      And I like her.

    jimanddottaylor 4 weeks ago 3 3
  • Anger in a system controlled by rich people who get the lion's share of rewards. Capitalism is at its breaking point. It is less Republican vs Democrat nor liberal vs conservative as rich vs middle class.

    Check minimum wage vs inflation

    Check executive compensation vs median worker

    Check cost of medical, housing, education versus general inflation

    All of the US expansion since the 1970's has gone to the top 30%, and skewed tremendously. Forbes 400 is worth $3 trillion.

    Trump is fueling the fires.

    It changes either by evolution or revolution.

    AOC, Sanders, Warren are part of revolution. It is not unexpected.

    A.J. 4 weeks ago 3 2
  • I support her and I know that she is not a communist. Don't be afraid, she is intelligent and a lot of fun. Relax, and enjoy life!  "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib are not a “bunch of communists” as Lindsey Graham has charged. I should know—I represent the largest “bunch of communists” in the country. A few weeks ago, I was elected co-chair of the Communist Party USA"....Joe Sims

    Anonymous 4 weeks ago 5 3
  • Well, she's in office (for now), so I suppose there must be more than a few. Sad.

    EdWinter 4 weeks ago 2 2